Equip your pastors, staff, and volunteers for effective ministry within the bounds of California law
Understand your faith-based organization’s legal obligations, risks, and areas for growth and improvement.
We help you draft policies, protocols, and best practices to comply with your legal obligations.
Through dynamic, responsive, and relevant training, we help implement these policies.  Properly trained personnel experience newfound freedom to do their work effectively, within the safety and structure of legally compliant policies.


Protect your faith-based organization from attacks, both internal and external.
When an issue arises, we quickly assess your risks and vulnerabilities.
We help protect your mission and your organization’s continued viability by managing the crisis to help limit potential exposure.
Public Relations
We help preserve your organization’s reputation through thoughtful and tactful press, social media, and public relations strategies.


Respond to attacks and complaints.  We act as your first line of defense in a crisis through:


A comprehensive internal investigation of alleged misconduct is often the difference between a small problem and a big one.
Crisis Management
We draw on our extensive crisis management experience in the civil, criminal, and employment law arenas to triage the issues and help de-fuse even the most volatile situations.
As believers ourselves, our purpose is Kingdom minded.  We seek to prayerfully assist you in bringing about restoration and reconciliation for all parties involved, as well as facilitating connections with other qualified professionals (licensed counselors, mediators, etc.).