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The firm has helped us resolve some very challenging cases by winning key battles in court and by using creative resolution strategies.

– President of Large California Transportation Company

How We Do It – Intro

For Success

Creativity in problem solving leads to the best results


Increased Time for You

Our firm has the lowest billable hour requirements of any litigation firm we know. Why would we do this? The answer is simple: so that we have more quality time for each of our clients and the time and space to think strategically and creatively and to provide the best customer service.


Investing in Your Business

We think of ourselves as outside investors in your business. We want to see your organization grow and thrive and we’re willing to put the time and attention in to make your business better, even if it means no immediate return on investment.


Intelligent Assessment Tools You Can Use

By leveraging our experience in hundreds of employment lawsuits, we can clearly evaluate litigation options and outcomes and present those to your business in an easy-to-understand format. We have some of the best assessment tools for helping businesses make difficult decisions related to litigation. We make decision making easy for our clients with clearly communicated legal analysis that your whole team can understand.


Industry-Leading Compliance Plans

Most businesses don’t realize that wage and hour issues are the single biggest threat to California businesses. We have developed a proactive and efficient process to quickly identify your strengths and your most dangerous vulnerabilities when it comes to complying with California’s tricky employment laws. We collaborate with your business to build a workable plan for implementing changes in a seamless way.


Innovative Solutions Built For You

We have invented multiple tools and business solutions for our clients over the years. For instance, we have developed an entire training, certification, and accountability platform to improve wage and hour compliance and provide protection against lawsuits. We’re always looking for ways to simplify legal compliance through the creation of business-focused tools and solutions that are easy to use.


It’s All About Clear Communication

We are a collection of some of the best legal writers, communicators, and strategists in the employment law setting. A well-written brief or a carefully developed strategy can be the difference between a case ending quickly or years of painful and costly litigation. Our clients get steady, responsive, and clear communication and direction from our team.

Our experience with Medina McKelvey was a unique and positive experience from the jump…it was clear, this was the team to go with, and I could not be happier we made that decision as the partners and the rest of the team were able to back up what we were told at the onset of the litigation and expertly steer our case through investigation, and finally a reasonable outcome in light of the situation.

– General Counsel for one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For


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How We Do It – Results

From Hundreds of Wage & Hour Cases


of our cases resolve before trial


of our cases resolve before formal discovery


of our cases resolve before class certification


of our cases resolve before mediation or any significant court intervention


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