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Medina McKelvey’s mission is to make your business stronger. We want you to walk away from any lawsuit or legal challenge stronger, wiser, and better protected. We want to see your business thrive before, during, and after any legal dilemma.

We are a full-service employment law firm that serves, defends, and protects businesses throughout California. We are known for being one of the most strategic law firms in California and for our groundbreaking work defending California businesses from the threat of wage and hour lawsuits — the biggest legal risk currently facing California employers.

Bottom Line: We are 100% focused on protecting and defending businesses in California

If you are here to find out more about our wage and hour practice, there are usually two main questions:


What is a wage and hour lawsuit and why was one filed against my business?

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Who is Medina McKelvey and what experience do they have with these cases?

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What We Do – Wage and Hour Defense

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What is a wage and hour lawsuit?

The term “wage and hour” refers to the laws and rules related to the wages and working hours of employees. Most “wage and hour” laws concern nonexempt or hourly employees (those who are not salaried or exempt from state and federal overtime laws). These laws and rules define what is compensable work time, set the minimum wage and overtime requirements, contain rules related to meal and rest periods, and identify several other very technical requirements related to paychecks, paystubs, expense reimbursement, etc. These laws often change, are updated frequently, and are constantly being clarified or redefined in court, setting the stage for many different types of wage and hour claims. Employees and their lawyers often seek to assert these claims as a class action or as a Private Attorneys General Act (“PAGA”) action on behalf of all hourly employees. The potential for these claims to expand to an entire workforce in a class or PAGA action make these types of lawsuits the biggest legal threat to California businesses.

Download our Top Ten Things to Know If This Is Your First Wage and Hour Lawsuit informational brochure below and watch our videos that explain the most common types of wage and hour lawsuits and potential strategies for defending and preventing these actions.

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Your business is not alone in this.
Thousands of businesses in California face the same problem.


Wage and hour lawsuits filed in California in the last year alone



That’s an average of six per day

Every year, the number of Employment Class Action and PAGA Actions has increased by an average of



Wage-and-hour litigation is the fastest-growing type of class action, according to legal experts.


For a plaintiff’s lawyer viewing litigation as an investment, the highest return is with wage-and-hour cases.

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How can Medina McKelvey help?

We want your first wage and hour lawsuit to be your last wage and hour lawsuit. We’ve developed some of the most aggressive and innovative strategies for protecting businesses from the most dangerous legal risk facing California companies — wage and hour lawsuits. Our numbers and client testimonials are proof.


We have defended over five hundred wage and hour lawsuits all over the state.


We have worked with businesses in twenty different industries.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

At my company, it’s not enough just to be good enough. I look to Medina McKelvey to innovate alongside us, providing reasoned and practical advice that not only helps us to prevent lawsuits, but also helps to reinforce our culture and mission to ‘do it right, do it once.’ I appreciate their creativity in finding solutions that fit our goals.

— Owner/President of Large California Transportation Company

Medina McKelvey helped us resolve several PAGA actions on short notice and then helped our HR team improve our policies and practices to prevent…lawsuits in the future. We like that the lawyers at Medina McKelvey understand both the law and business and can come up with creative solutions in California’s challenging legal environment.

— CEO of Northern California Credit Union

Our company found itself caught up in several different class action and PAGA lawsuits with over 4,000 employees potentially involved and our biggest customer as a co-defendant. After a bad experience with a well-known national law firm, we hired Medina McKelvey. Their lawyers helped us assess our risk, develop a resolution plan, and execute on a resolution strategy that was a big win for our business. We appreciate the firm’s clear communications, thoughtful strategy, business-focused solutions, and expertise in negotiations. We would gladly refer them to any business and plan on using them if needed in the future.

— Owner and/or CEO of Large International Staffing Company

I started my petroleum transport business with a single truck and we’ve now grown to a fleet of over forty trucks. When we were hit out of nowhere with a wage and hour lawsuit, it was devastating. As I look back on the process, Medina McKelvey explained what was happening, provided a roadmap for moving forward and walked me through each step of the process. Their professionalism and communication was excellent and I would have zero hesitation working with them again.

— Owner of Petroleum Transport Company

What We Do – Our Expertise

Our expertise goes beyond just wage and hour defense.

We handle every type of employment dispute and provide advice on California’s ever-changing employment laws.

Employment Litigation

At Medina McKelvey, we are positioned to handle every type of employment dispute from individual harassment and discrimination lawsuits, to government investigations, to class and PAGA actions. You name it; we’ve handled it.

Employment Advice and Counsel

We want our clients to avoid a lawsuit in the first place. To help accomplish this we have developed industry-best tools and business solutions designed to protect employers from lawsuits. Our advice team doesn’t just give you information and legal updates and expect you to figure out what to do — they provide tools and customized solutions that support and protect your business, including a first-of-its-kind wage and hour compliance plan designed to prevent wage and hour lawsuits.

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What We Do – California Compliance Solutions

California Compliance Solutions

Our lawyers at Medina McKelvey started California Compliance Solutions, LLC which developed a first-of-its kind training, certification, and accountability platform that teaches and certifies your managers and employees in employment law issues in order to deter and protect you from employment lawsuits.

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