This is no ordinary boutique law firm.

We have over 80 years of combined experience advising and defending businesses at the highest levels at some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious law firms.


We have handled cases where the exposure has reached tens and hundreds of millions of dollars.

We also have developed creative, and oftentimes unconventional, problem-solving techniques that escape other indoctrinated BigLaw lawyers. And we are some of the best legal writers and communicators you’ll find in Northern California. A good brief can be the difference between ending a case quickly and having to endure years of painful and costly litigation.

So why did we leave the glamorous world of international law firms to start a boutique firm?

Because we realized that there are businesses and individuals throughout California and the United States who are in need of the skill, creativity, and expertise of a big-firm lawyer, but don’t want to pay exorbitant rates for those services or pay for the overhead and inefficiencies of a large law firm.

We also have arrangements with dozens of top-flight attorneys whom we can enlist to help on your case.

We are very selective about the lawyers we partner with. They all have proven litigation experience and have worked with some of the biggest and best firms in the country. So if the need arises, we can mobilize an army of lawyers and stand toe-to-toe with any lawyer or law firm in the world. We have offices throughout California and we have handled cases throughout the state and the country. We don’t let geography stand in the way of helping clients.

We thoughtfully manage our caseloads to allow our attorneys to serve your actual needs instead of trying to meet artificial billing requirements.

Being a senior attorney or partner at a large law firm is like living on a treadmill that keeps going faster. The ever-increasing billable requirements and non-billable contribution requirements leave attorneys with too many cases, too many internal managers to please, and too little time for themselves, their families, and their clients. This means less time, attention, thought, and ingenuity that go to clients and their cases. Why settle for exhausted lawyers who feel they need to bill every second of their time and who pass off work to less efficient junior attorneys who take twice as long to provide the service you need?

There’s a better way to provide legal services than what BigLaw currently offers.

Clients, the market, and the media have been telling big law firms for over a decade that the model needs to change. Yet big law firms are still doing things the same way they’ve done them for years, while getting better at marketing how they supposedly do things differently. We communicate, litigate, and serve our clients in ways that are actually innovative and that are focused on our clients’ needs.