Before you hire a big law firm, consider the following:

  • Efficient Experience

At Medina McKelvey you get the same experience for lower overall legal spend. We work efficiently and with lower overhead, passing the savings on to our clients. With us, you don’t pay for inefficient and inexperienced junior attorneys like BigLaw often uses.

  • Quality

At big firms, lawyers have to bill more hours, manage more cases, and keep more internal clients happy, which all means less time for their clients and their cases. By lowering the number of cases and hours and focusing on clients and efficiency, the lawyers at Medina McKelvey can provide more attention to their clients and cases and produce higher quality work product.

  • Better Service

With fewer cases and billable hours, and a lean structure and approach, Medina McKelvey can put client service as the top priority. Be wary of the seasoned BigLaw partner who makes the pitch, only to hand off the matter to less experienced junior lawyers who bill more time for less value.

  • Customization

Rather than putting three or four (or even more!) junior attorneys on every case like BigLaw often does, Medina McKelvey offers clients a carefully selected menu of options to choose from as litigation progresses. If the matter requires lawyering up, we can quickly assemble an experienced team of attorneys that is better, more efficient, and costs less than an army of junior associates.

Why Not BigLaw?

As many industry experts have said for years, BigLaw is broken and resistant to real change. Rates continue to increase to feed the top of the pyramid while value and quality have decreased. Because of advances in technology, changes in the industry, and clients demanding more value, boutique law firms—like Medina McKelvey—are better positioned to provide expertise and quality service at a lower overall cost.

Still think BigLaw is the only way to go? Here’s how BigLaw compares to Medina McKelvey:

  • Overpriced vs. Value

    Do you really need a lawyer with fancy titles and a big corner office who charges over $600 per hour or a lawyer with the same skill set and expertise who charges less? (By the way, we have some pretty fancy titles too.)

  • Uncontrolled Rates vs. Manageable Ones

    Do you want to pay high rates that increase each year so unfamiliar lawyers headquartered in the big cities see their per-partner profits increase or do you want to pay a lower rate to local attorneys who are invested in your case?

  • Firm Focused vs. Client Focused

    Do you want a law firm where lawyers are more concerned about billable hour targets and internal client demands than you or do you want lawyers who have time for you and give you the best work, service, and solutions?

  • Professed Efficiency vs. True Efficiency

    Do you want a law firm that talks about project management and “efficiency” but that still uses too many inefficient lawyers and billers who are using your case to try and reach their billable targets or do you want a law firm where there are no billable targets and litigating efficiently is not an experiment but part of the culture?

  • Bloated vs. Streamlined

    Do you want to subsidize your law firm’s overhead by picking a firm with the biggest offices in the tallest building of the biggest cities or would you like to spend less for the same caliber of lawyers who work efficiently from local offices?

  • Less for More vs. More for Less

    Do you want to pay an exorbitant rate for a junior attorney who just got out of law school and is using your case as high-paid training or do you want to pay for the amount of skill and expertise you are actually getting?

  • One-Size-Fits-All vs. Customized

    Do you need a one-size-fits-all approach that big firms apply to thousands of clients or do you need a unique approach that is tailored to your industry, business, and needs?

  • Marketing Promises vs. Value Delivered

    Do you want a law firm that tells you they can litigate affordably only to turn around and churn the bill or do you want a firm that is focused on providing a solution that fits within your budget and has the structure and flexibility to deliver a competitively priced solution?

We’ve got nothing against BigLaw.

But it’s not the only game in town.

We wouldn’t be the lawyers we are today without having worked in BigLaw, but there are alternatives. With so much at stake in litigation, don’t you owe it yourself to see if we might be the right fit?