Defending and Protecting California Businesses
Against the Threat of Employment Lawsuits

Medina McKelvey is California’s premier boutique law firm devoted to defending California businesses against employment lawsuits and equipping businesses to prevent these lawsuits. Our highly skilled lawyers are thought leaders in advising, counseling, and defending businesses. Learn more about our unique and innovative approach to employment law issues by watching our short videos here.

What Our Clients Are Saying

My business is customer-service centered, so I have very high expectations when it comes to service. When I asked Medina McKelvey to step into the middle of a complex wage and hour lawsuit, it was a difficult decision to switch firms. However, I needed someone to turn things around. I needed a team that wasn't afraid to step into a complicated situation and that is exactly what I got. The lawyers at Medina McKelvey didn't flinch when I explained the challenges we were facing. They took on the case and never looked back. I'm a believer in their approach and now I refer my clients to them.- President / Owner / Technology and Services Company Providing Point of Sale Solutions

After taking over as CEO of a rapidly expanding national manufacturing company a few years ago, I knew that our employment policies and practices had to keep pace with our growth. At my company, it's not enough just to be good enough. We want to be on the cutting edge in all areas, including how we manage our employees. I look to Medina McKelvey to innovate alongside us, providing reasoned and practical advice that not only helps us to prevent lawsuits, but also helps to reinforce our culture and mission to "do it right, do it once." I think of them as fellow entrepreneurs and not just lawyers, and I appreciate their creativity in finding solutions that fit our goals.- CEO of California-Based Manufacturing Company

I started my petroleum transport business with a single truck and we've now grown to a fleet of over forty trucks, serving customers across the state. We've built our business by providing unparalleled service and never compromising our integrity. So when we were hit out of nowhere with a wage and hour lawsuit, it was devastating. As I look back on the process, Medina McKelvey took the time from the beginning to make me feel comfortable. They explained what was happening and provided a roadmap for moving forward. They gave me sound advice and walked me through each step of the process. Their professionalism and communication along the way was excellent and I would have zero hesitation working with them again in the future.- Owner of Petroleum Transport Company

Medina McKelvey helped us quickly resolve several PAGA actions on short notice and then helped our HR team improve our policies and practices to prevent wage and hour lawsuits in the future. Their team was knowledgeable, responsive, and efficient, and they did a great job of collaborating with our business. We like that the lawyers at Medina McKelvey understand both the law and business and can come up with creative solutions in California’s challenging legal environment.- CEO of Northern California Credit Union

After a negative experience with a large law firm, we retained Medina McKelvey to represent us in several employment and wage and hour lawsuits. Medina McKelvey has now been our go-to labor and employment firm for the last four years. The firm has helped us resolve some very challenging cases by winning key battles in court and by using creative resolution strategies. They have also helped us strengthen our policies and practices and train our managers and employees on employment law compliance issues. Their lawyers are trustworthy and dependable, they understand business realities, and they work collaboratively with our business to protect our company in California’s very threatening legal environment.- Owner/President of Large California Transportation Company

I am the owner of a fashion boutique franchise and the board chair for a nonprofit organization that fights human trafficking. Medina McKelvey has been a generous supporter and a great resource for our organization. I love what Medina McKelvey is doing for the business community, our community here locally, and for anti-trafficking around the globe. I have great respect for Brandon and Alex and their mission to bring peace to those around them. Their peacemaking mission in the employment law arena is revolutionary, much needed, and is changing the way people think about lawyers.- Owner of National Retail Franchise and Board President of International Anti-Trafficking Nonprofit

As the general counsel for a rapidly growing national mortgage company, most of my days are spent putting out fires across the company. Whether it's defending us in employment suits, creating and helping implement innovative polices and procedures to help reduce the risk of employment suits, or advising us on the latest trends in employment law, Medina McKelvey helps bring calm to the storm. I appreciate their ability to provide timely, practical, well-reasoned counsel, communicated in a concise manner that fits my busy schedule. It also gives me great peace of mind to know that when I ask them for something, I can considered it handled.- General Counsel of National Mortgage Company