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Protect the integrity of your business. Work with Medina McKelvey to investigate workplace complaints and cultivate a safe, equitable, harassment-free culture.

Investigations – Intro

Investigating workplace complaints is required as a matter of law

Failing to conduct an investigation is costly:

  1. Your business may be exposed to subsequent legal action.
  2. You won’t be fostering a safe, harassment-free workplace.
  3. Employee trust, morale, and productivity will drop.
  4. Your business reputation will be jeopardized.
  5. You’ll miss the opportunity to identify and prevent future problems.

We don’t want that to happen to you. Our proven process and in-depth investigation expertise can be a critical step in avoiding a costly situation. A complaint doesn’t have to become a crisis.

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Investigations – Why Investigate?

Why investigate complaints? Your business should be a harassment-free workplace

Our approach is anchored in four critical principles:


There is a moral duty and legal obligation to prevent harassment. Workplace investigations must be conducted promptly to determine what happened and prevent future problems.


Investigations are fact-finding missions. No advice is provided during the investigation because it must be impartial. Everyone in your organization is treated equally and fairly throughout the whole process.


Investigations focus on neutral fact-finding and include a full, unbiased report. Everything we do during an investigation is making a confidential record of the actions that occurred, so you can make the best decision to maintain the integrity of your business.


Experienced investigators and crisis response specialists provide the skills, knowledge, and expertise you need in a crisis. Additionally, our trauma-informed investigators will identify deeper problems and communicate with empathy and compassion.

An investigation performed by the licensed attorneys at Medina McKelvey will provide you with the security, confidence, and freedom to focus on the rest of your business.

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Investigations – Chantelle

“Complaints can be scary, but employers MUST investigate them early to protect the integrity of their business and follow through on the promise they’ve made to their employees to provide a safe, harassment-free workplace.”

Chantelle Egan

Lead Investigator, Head of the Advice and Counsel Practice Group at Medina McKelvey

Former Head of Crisis Management and Investigations at National Law Firm

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Investigations – Plan

Your plan to investigate complaints, find clarity, and restore confidence


Engage Medina McKelvey

You get access to a dedicated team of professionals who will provide a timely, neutral, and thorough investigation.


Participate in the Investigation

The results of our investigation will give you an impartial, detailed assessment of the incident and whether the claims have been substantiated or not.


Move Forward with Confidence

With the evidence presented in your impartial, detailed report, your confidence will be renewed with a strong sense of clarity and direction.

Investigations – Our Services

Our Services

In addition to investigations, we also provide training for your internal investigators and auditing of your investigation process.


Experiencing a crisis? Struggling to keep up with complaints? We are here to provide support and expertise. We will work with you to determine what happened and provide you with a full, impartial report.


Your company has a duty to investigate complaints. We provide training for HR and investigative teams to make sure everyone is properly informed and able to perform quality investigations. We also provide simultaneous crisis-management counseling to facilitate internal investigations conducted by your HR team.


We are also available to conduct a privileged audit of your current investigation process to make sure it is impartial, confidential, focused on fact finding. An audit provides the clarity you need to make the right decisions, create a strong workplace culture, and foster a harassment free workplace.

We leverage our collective experience as litigators to provide a defensible investigative process and outcome. We are committed to providing knowledgeable, comprehensive investigative services to reveal areas of conflict and help our clients foster a safe, equitable, and harassment-free workplace.

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Investigations – Contact Us

Contact Us to Get Started

Reach out to our team to discuss your needs:

Chantelle Egan

Partner, Lead Investigator, Leader of the Advice & Counsel Practice Group

Alex Medina

Founding Partner

Allison Hyatt

Partner, Investigator

Rabi David

Senior Counsel, Investigator

Investigations – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we are asked about investigations:

Can my HR consultant perform an investigation for us? Why would I hire a third party?

The only people outside your business allowed to perform investigations in California are licensed attorneys and licensed private investigators. An HR consultant does not meet those criteria.

Where can you perform investigations? Are you limited to California employers?

We can perform investigations anywhere, anytime, for any employer, whether you are located in Los Angeles or Des Moines.

Can you perform investigations virtually, or do they have to be in person?

Both. We can perform investigations in person or virtually.

Do all workplace complaints need to be investigated?

Employment law requires an employer to conduct a prompt, neutral, and thorough investigation of any alleged unlawful conduct, including harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Any complaint alleging unlawful conduct or policy violations should be investigated.

Do you apply trauma-informed skills to your investigations?

Yes. Traditional indicators of credibility and certain questioning styles can be ineffective with witnesses that have experienced trauma. Our team is trained to recognize whether prior or current trauma is impacting the witness and know how to appropriately respond. We practice empathy and take great care in the process to minimize any further trauma while continuing to conduct a thorough, neutral, and prompt investigation.

What’s the process? What can we expect?

Once engaged, we begin gathering facts. We speak with the complainant, the accused, and any relevant witnesses. We ask questions to uncover any missing details and to test credibility. In addition to interviews, we analyze relevant documents, communications, and data. Once the investigation is closed, we present our impartial, fact-based conclusions.

Do you accept referrals?

Yes, we welcome referrals and appreciate the opportunity to complement the work of our referrers.


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